Rabionek is a brand that prides itself on the quality and uniqueness of its products.

It's not just a brand, it's a headwear essential, a symbol of Polish style.

A company with almost 40 years of know-how and history in the field of headwear, with experience and skills handed down from generation to generation, based on highly specialised craftsmanship.

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Rabionek Pink feathered hat FP23.22T

Magnificent high hat with small brim and beautiful fine feather decoration on the side. An exceptional piece.

Price €110.00

Rabionek Beige hat D021.01

Asymmetrical virgin wool hat with lapel and matching small bias, wider top with bias

Price €67.50

Rabionek Beige hat D22.01

Wool hat with rounded top, slightly asymmetrical brim and large fold in the middle

Price €57.50