Welcome in the collection of umbrellas for women, one of the accessories woman the most important. At Fanfan, we know how to please you and we shall have certainly the model of brand umbrella woman or an original umbrella for woman or the luxury umbrella woman which you can't resist. You look for a transparent umbrella for woman, a protective bell-shaped model to accompany you the rainy days. With this umbrella, no more concern, you will be well-protected and you will keep all the necessary visibility to avoid taking your feet in an obstacle. Ideal for a use in urban zones or for a wedding ceremony. With its totally transparent cloth, you're not missing the sight while staying dry. Moreover, if you wish a transparent and foldable model to go into your handbag, don't worry, we have the model which you need. You look for a very feminine umbrella, an umbrella which is classy and which can join perfectly with your other accessories as your handbag. At Fanfan, we offer you a choice of umbrellas woman made in France in one of the last French factories of conception of umbrellas and parasols. Everything is hand-made. Materials are strictly chosen by respecting quality and longevity criteria. The assembly is manual and everything is checked by expert hands to supply you a unique umbrella woman of great beauty.

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